Poems and prose about a lush tropical hilltop as the morning sunshine yields to an afternoon rain shower, by the poet Sun Shadow.









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Sunshine through tembusu trees,
Bosa through an Indian sling,
A panting dog at my feet —
A hilltop hut and a cool wind.

Violet petals melting into green —
Rest for bumble bees,
Green pigeons bejewel.

Hilltop drops green, white and red
Into treetops —
Branches of fanning leaves.

Green pigeon drops,
Breaking on green branches —
Not the flowers, but the ants her prize.

Topping hilltop trees —
Your canopy envies the green.

Woodpecker attacking 
Tiger ants’ nest 
Attacking woodpecker.

Craggy cracks,
Fjorded fissures,
Delving dents,
Lingered lines —
Bolted bark.

Warm wind,
Bright wings,
Orange butterfly —
Sweep away the past.

Still air,
Bright sky,
Infinite greens under white light —
A storm is coming.

Squinting at white clouds,
Blinking away sweat,
Resting on damp grass,
Touching the wax whites of tiny flowers.

Little ant 
Sprouting wings to fly
To your one-night stand.

Eyelids halve,
Nose twitches,
Ears pivot,
Mouth opens,
Breath slows —
Happy dog.