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Delicious smells, city noises, beautiful eyes, masked faces, barking dogs and broken hearts. They all inspire me to write.

The C Word Sun Shadow Beats

Poems and prose about breast cancer by the poet Sun Shadow. #sunshadowbeats / Listen to more at https://anchor.fm/sunshadow / Find out more at sunshadowbeats.com / Tips and Commissions at ko-fi.com/sunshadowbeats / Contact by email at sunshadowbeats@gmail.com #sunshadowbeats #sunshadow #sunshadowpoems #sunshadowpoetry #sunshadowpoet #performancepoetry #spokenpoetry #originalpoetry  #readpoetry #poetryreading #womenpoets #internationalpoets #mamobiopsy #biopsy #breastcancer #cancer
  1. The C Word
  2. The Maze
  3. Cold Undone
  4. Snakes and Ladders
  5. The Veil
  6. Parkley Rainy
  7. Witches' Brew
  8. Omens
  9. Moon Wizard
  10. Dreaming Dreams

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Poetry & Prose
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I was a child once; was it yesterday?
Wasn’t it yesterday I had no need of dreams,
For every second was a dream fulfilled?