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Delicious smells, city noises, beautiful eyes, masked faces, barking dogs and broken hearts. They all inspire me to write.

Two By Two Sun Shadow Beats

Poems and prose about mating rituals, couples and creatures courting in twos by the poet Sun Shadow. #sunshadowbeats https://ko-fi.com/sunshadowbeats/commissions . . . . . . #poetrycommissions #sunshadow #poetry #prose #poems #courtship #twobytwo #animals #bluebutterflies #woodpigeons  #pigeonsmating #teatime #butterfliesdancing #matingrituals
  1. Two By Two
  2. Night Shift
  3. A Fug
  4. Positive Charge
  5. Turf War
  6. Insomnia
  7. Cubism
  8. Midsummer Madness
  9. Smile Sweetness
  10. Plans Fall Apart

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I was a child once; was it yesterday?
Wasn’t it yesterday I had no need of dreams,
For every second was a dream fulfilled?