Poems about guilt in its different forms by the poet Sun Shadow: Time anxiety when you feel guilty for not being productive; survivor’s guilt when you survive a life-threatening situation when other did not or happiness guilt when you feel being happy makes you a bad person.










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You were dying
While I went shopping today.

While I picked through patterns
You waded through rubble rivers.

I tried on dresses
While you tried empty taps for water.

I… restauranted
While your bowls growled an answer to the sky.

And all the while the bombs fell
I tapped my foot to a dark electric beat.

I strolled in the park today
While you sat in a cold station.

I walked my dog
While you carried yours across borders.

I took off my mask to picnic
While you donned a balaclava.

I lay on the grass with the sun on my face
While you ran towards the guns.

I counted yellow butterflies
While you numbered your dead.

I fed the ducks at the pond
While you feed the flowers.