Poems about the sea by the poet Sun Shadow.




I am a child 
The first time I dip in the sea,
Tug by tug 
Through ebb and flow,
To feel fish fries 
And lives lived,
Just wet feet
From me.

I am a girl 
The next time
I swim out to sea,
Tack and jibe
Through surf and foam,
To breathe salt sails
And strong strokes,
A keelboat
For me.

I am still young
The third time
I dive in the sea,
Drop deep 
Through dark glass,
To see high hues
And grey ghouls,
To be free
And just me.

I am not old
The fourth time
I float in the sea,
Bob and soak
Through haze and smoke,
To taste pink pearls
And burnt bass,
Neat shot to me.

I am so old
The last time
I stand in the sea,
Through wave and tide,
To hear wild winds
And rushed rhymes,
So new and strange to me.

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