Short poetic beats 

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Masked smiles stare at you 
And you stare blankly back,
A blue space between black eyes and a pale neck.

When did you last bask naked in the sun?

We are the bruised generation
Not quite battered
Not quite broken
Not yet dead 
Not alive. 
We surf through the shadows 
Glitch by glitch 
Feeling our way to the end of the line.

I didn't know, solitude could be so… heavenly.

Only later 
After the day is over 
After the chores
After the interminable interactions are finally over 
When the curtains close against the night 
And everyone goes 
And masks peal away from sweating cheeks 
And hands are washed 
That we are free.

Hell is a full moon party without the drugs.

I felt it once, twice, thrice 
And I was gone. 
In a land far, far away 
Lives an old man who holds a secret key. 
Though old
He has the strength of an insect army
Precise and deadly. 
He is the protector of the gateway that separates 
Us from stars
A billion light years away. 
He waits 
In a dark, lonely cave 
For his most ancient love to return. 
When she does
She will seal the slippery cliffs 
And shine a speck of light in his eyes 
Through the tunnel of the cave
Waking him from a thousand years of dreaming. 
He stirs 
Moves mighty effort 
To will himself up 
Standing and straining
Walking, walking to the light
Her light
His light
All light. 
He slips his key 
In her flashing space 
And with a click 
Opens her door to paradise.